Medium- and High Voltage Power Supplies from 5 to 15kW now with new Design As of now, middle and high voltage power supplies with max. output voltages from 125V to 12,500V available in the power classes 5, 10 and 15 kW in a desktop case of 6 to 12 U height. Such units were previously available only in our HCH series. With the new design of the MCP and HCP power supplies of the related voltage and power it was possible to reduce dimensions and weight by approximately half. Due to reduced manufacturing costs associated with the reduction of dimensions and weight the devices can be offered at attractive prices!

The NCN series is a low voltage power supply, engineered with the latest technology. Of the NCN series, 6 different models are available with power ratings of 1250, 2500 or 5000 Watts .
The output voltages are 0 to 30 or 0 to 50V.

The MCP series is the successor of the MCL and the MCN series without making consessions to quality and user friendliness. 42 different models are available, with adjustable output voltages from 0 and 2.000 Volts and power ratings from 35 to 4.200 Watt. These power supplies have floating outputs; the negative or the positive output can be connected to ground.

The HCP series is new after the successful HCL en HCN high voltage units. Of this series a vast number of 52 models are available, so there will always be one which fits your HV application. Output voltages are adjustable from 0 to 150.000 Volts with powers up to 4.200 watt. The HCP serie is optionally equipped with electronic polarity reversal up to 35 kilovolts.

All FuG power supplies can be controlled local as well as remote by means of digital RS 232; RS 485 en/of IEEE RS422, USB and LAN interfaces. Of course analog control is also possible