Obsolescence announcement !!
After 40 years in production, Kaman Precision Products is announcing the obsolescence of the KD-2300 product. Many circumstances have contributed to this decision, component obsolescence being the biggest driver. The replacement product, the KD-2306, has been in production since 2007 and has proven to be a very worthy improvement of what was certainly the benchmark for all non-contact inductive displacement sensors. Key dates to remember are: Effective immediately, Kaman will no longer sell the KD-2300 into new applications. December 31, 2011, all sales of the KD-2300 will cease. December 31, 2014, Kaman will no longer support the KD-2300 product with service/repair. The new version of the old benchmark offers higher gain voltage output, as well as 4-20 mA output. It is housed in a convenient DIN rail mount enclosure and is CE marked as well as being RoHS compliant. The KD-2306 is offered with all the sensor models that were available with the KD-2300. Click here for the new KD-2306 product brochure.

Non-contact Impedance Transducer Makes Sub-Nanometer Differential Measurements.
Kaman Precision Products | Measuring presents the DIT-5200 differential impedance transducer that makes precision measurements to sub-nanometer resolution. The system also offers high thermal stability, high sensitivity, and high linearity, and senses without touching the target. Differential systems provide greater resolution and thermal stability than single-ended systems. The DIT-5200 is a true differential system for common mode rejection yet comes without the high price of many differential systems. Based on high-precision eddy current balanced bridge technology, this system is capable of sub-nanometer resolution. The DIT-5200 is extremely thermally stable at ± 0.03 % FS/°C, is highly sensitive up to 10V/mil, and is extremely linear to 0.1 % full range. Kaman offers this system in single- and dual-channel configurations. The small package size of just 7.7 cubic inches leads to easy integration. Applications for Kaman’s DIT-5200 include precise alignment of fast steering mirrors, servo control position feed back, semiconductor stage positioning, angular displacement indication, X-Y orbit position feed back, and stylus position.
Kaman Precision Products | Measuring, an operating unit of Kaman Aerospace, has led the industry for over 40 years in solving difficult sensing applications when the target cannot be touched. For further information regarding Kaman and their sensors, contact Wim Van Hoof at +31 (0)172422455.