General Purpose Test


Programmable Measuring Instruments Series 8100 are ideally suited for test installations in production and automated tests in laboratories. They support either an USB/RS-232, or an IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface and thus may be easily integrated in any test system.


Without doubt, the oscilloscope is the most important measuring instrument for the characterization of signals in the time domain. HAMEG Instruments offers the most comprehensive portfolio for the diverse areas of application in industry, handcraft, science, education, training, service and the private sector.


With the introduction of the modern HMS series spectrum analyzers, HAMEG started a change of paradigms in the design lab. Until a short time ago, this measurement technology was unaffordable for most users. HAMEG Instruments puts an end to this exclusivity by offering the HMS series – according to its tradition of delivering high performance measurement technology at a fair price.

The Voltech PM1000+ is the first power analyzer to combine bench instrument with sophisticated energy consumption features and low-power standby measurements at an affordable price. The PM1000+ measures power consumption from milliwatts to megawatts, providing accurate power and harmonics data on products ranging from the tiniest cell phone charger to the latest electrical hybrid bus.


The PM6000 is an advanced digital sampling power analyzer that can be fitted with up to 6 measurement channels. Each channel is a separate wattmeter with fully floating inputs for connection to the voltage and current of the power circuit to be measured.  Up to 6 wattmeter channels, Basic accuracy: 0.02% of reading, Bandwidth: 10MHzEasy-to-use in all applications.


The AT3600 is the most cost-effective solution for all transformer and wound component testing requirements. Using techniques patented by Voltech. The AT3600 introduces a fast, reliable and flexible test solution for all small to medium size wound components. Offering 100% testing of production output for 100% of the required functional and safety test, the AT3600 provides complete assurance of zero-defect components.

The HAL family of hipot testers has been designed to offer advanced automation techniques to dramatically improve productivity and effiicency within the production line test process. Clare has drawn from over 50 years of experience within the manufacturing sector to create this advanced product, incorporating cutting edge features that allow the test process to be safely automated and de-skilled. The Hal Combi offers unprecedented value as it contains the four core electrical safety test required by routine production line testing.                                                                                                           

Dual Channel Transformer Micro-Ohmmeter 5896C.
The Tinsley 5896C is specifically designed to measure the resistance of highly inductive loads such as transformers, motors and generators. It has a measurement resolution of 0.01µW for the 20µW range and can measure resistances up to 6kW.                                                                 

manufacturers of the world’s most accurate capacitance bridges and standards.

Accurate 50Hz-20kHz Capacitance/Loss1 Bridge.
The AH 2700A offers unparalleled stability, resolution, linearity and accuracy in a multi-frequency capacitance/loss1 bridge (whether manual or automatic). Its numerous state-of-the-art features make it an exceptionally user-friendly instrument. The precision of the AH 2700A is creating new applications in calibration, science, and production in a wide range of fields.

The AH 2550A offers unparalleled stability, resolution and accuracy in a capacitance/loss bridge (whether manual or automatic). Its numerous state of the art features make it an exceptionally user-friendly instrument, just as was its predecessor, the AH2500A. The precision and ease of use of the AH2550A are creating new applications in science, calibration, and production in a wide range of fields.