Monitoring Sensors

Kaman specializes in inductive, eddy current technology. Their sensors provide non-contact indication of linear position/displacement by outputting an analog voltage, or, in some cases, a current that is proportional to the distance between the sensor face and the target being sensed. Eddy current technology requires an electrically conductive target. It does not need to be a grounded target, and performance is typically the same whether the target is ferrous or non-ferrous. Kaman has numerous sensors based on our core technology. Some sensors are general purpose, like the KD-2446, KD-2306, and KD-8206. Some sensors are high-performance and better suited for particular applications, such as the SMT-9700. And some sensors are designed with specific applications or environments in mind, like the ThreadChecker and the Extreme Environment sensors. Below are basic product descriptions that will, hopefully, point you in the right direction in choosing sensor. Kaman can customize our sensors to meet the application’s requirements. Air-Parts have a staff of experienced engineers ready to assist you in selecting the right sensor for any application. (Full sensor catalog) 

DIT-5200 True differential for common mode rejection at an economical price.
High-precision eddy current, balanced bridge technology.
Capable of subnanometer resolution.
Thermal stability ±.03% FS/°C, at null ±.005% FS/°.
Small package size: 7.7 cubic inches.
High sensitivity: up to 10V/mil (39mV/µm)
Extremely linear, to 0.1% full range> Single and dual channel configurations.

SMT 9700 Flexible, high-resolution position/displacement
systems for OEM applications.
1, 2 and 3 channel configurations.
Nanometer to sub-nanometer resolution.
Easy, cost-effective performance customization.
CE and RoHS compliant, Small package size. Thirteen standard sensor options.

KDM-8200 Modular rack-mounted multi-channel position sensing system.
Modularized rack format.
Standard 3U by 7T Eurocard modules.
Resolution to 10 microinches or better.
Multiple channels, rack mounted or
bench-top enclosures, 16 standard sensors.