Power Supply Test Systems

The 3610D Series is a stand alone tester includes AC Source, OVP DC Source, Timing and PARD measurement, DC Electronic Load capabilities that can test power supply input, output, noise timing and protection features. The 3610D has individual AC Source that Output Voltage, Output Voltage Angle and Output Frequency can be adjusted The 3610D has a built in EEROM test program to store 99 different U.U.T specification. The U.U.T.’s information including test parameters, test results and model tracking are displayed on the large LCD display. Test reports can either be printed out via Centronics directly or stored in the disk via RS232. The report format can be transferred to Excel™ file format to meet your required format. Test procedure can be Downloaded / Uploaded via RS-232C The test time for 8 pcs and 1 pc U.U.T is the same. Test programs can be edited on a PC with the 9830C Application Software (Windows™ version) and downloaded to the 3610C for save and run. Built in hardware and software enables the 3610C to function as a stand-alone tester. PC assisted automatic testing is also possible. Test reports can either be printed out directly or stored in a PC via RS232 interface. Test data can be transferred to Excel™ file format for report customization. Optional Twin Testing Fixture is designed to increase U.U.T. throughput. Single PC control 8 units 3610C as hardware block diagram. (read more.)