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Inductive sensors

Inductive (eddy current) measurement systems can detect movements to sub-atomic level. They are often used in extreme conditions (pressure and temperature) in industry, scientific research and as an OEM component.

Inductive measuring systems are insensitive to interference from the environment, such as moisture, radiation and fluids. This functionality makes it possible that it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Because applications are so complex and require the utmost of measurement systems, measurement systems need to be customized and calibrated.

Kaman Sensors, the US supplier of Air-Parts BV, has a wide selection of sensors and measurement modules.
The experts of Air-Part and the manufacturer can advise you, so you can make the right choice


  • From micrometer to centimeter range
  • Until sub-nanometer resolution
  • High thermal stability
  • Compact housing
  • Very wide choice of sensors
  • One or more channels
  • Voltage and current output possible
  • Digital measuring systems available

Fields of application:

  • Aviation and aerospace (f.e. Fast Steering Mirror)
  • Automotive and marine (f.e. drive shaft runout, component fatigue testing, detection bearing problems)
  • Energy and power generation (f.e. shaft runout, condition monitoring centrifuges, component corrosion testing)
  • Industrial automation (f.e. web thickness, Roll gap measurement, bearing wear, condition monitoring)
  • Metal working (f.e. engrave head and weld head positioning, sheet thickness monitoring, quality control)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing (f.e. air bearing drill spindle positioning, calibration)
  • Test and measurement (f.e. R&D testing, projectile velocity testing)

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