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A good power supply is important, also in the technical industry. Voltage and current forms the basis for electrical energy.
Air-Parts BV has been active as a supplier of high-quality programmable power supplies.

Together with the specialists of our suppliers, we have gained much experience over the years with clients in industry, education and research.

Based on your requirements our product specialist chooses the most suitable solution for your application. If a standard product is not sufficient, we also have the opportunity to create a customized solution with our suppliers.


  • Industry and OEM
  • Surface engineering
  • High Voltage
  • Pulsed Power
  • Medical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical and process industries
  • Magnetic coils

From mA to kA, from mV to kV, from mW to kW, Air-Parts BV will provide you the best solution.

TDK Lambda

TDK Lambda is a leading manufacturer of DC power supplies with a wide range of power, voltage and current configurations. Power ranges from 750W to 15kW.


  • Programmable power supplies
  • Compact size
  • Remote control interfaces standard
  • Elaborate setting features
  • Up to 5 years warranty


  • OEM
  • industrial
  • laboratory

TDK Lambda GENESYS+ datasheet


Since 1978 F.u.G. Elektronik GmbH develops and manufactures highly precise low, medium and high voltage DC power supplies for science, research and industrial applications.

F.u.G. has also the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture custom made power supplies that fulfill all customer’s requirements.


  • Up to 200.000 Volts
  • Up to 10.000 Amps
  • Up to 250.000 Watts
  • High efficiency
  • Parallel and series operation


Technix is a French manufacturer, providing a wide range of DC High Voltage power supplies and chargers. Also custom made products according to specific requirements are possible.


  • From 300V tot 200kV
  • From 300W to 200kW
  • From 150J/s to 100kJ/s
  • Customer defined Vmax and Imax without extra cost
  • Voltage and current adjustable (0 – 100%)
  • Fully protected against arcs, overloads and short circuits
  • User friendly front panel for manual mode
  • 0 – 10V remote control
  • Interlock and inhibit functions, floating outputs and many interfaces as options


Dimex Power Electronics is a Belgian company. Specialized in power electronics they design and manufacture high power power supplies. They do not have a range of standard products, but make all their producst based on customer requirements.


  • High power units
  • Custom made housing and controls
  • High quality and excellent service
  • Local design and manufacture


  • Galvanization, water treatment, plasma sputtering
  • Induction heating
  • Transformers
  • Thyristor controls
  • Motor controls
  • Many more

GW Instek

Founded in 1975, Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd was the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan specializing in electrical test & measurement instruments. GW Instek began as a manufacturer of power supplies and quickly expanded into the development of high precision electronic test and measurement instruments. With a strong focus on high quality, economical measurement solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets, Good Will Instrument has developed a solid brand image and reputation for reliability, integrity and innovation.


  • Linear / Switching
  • Programmable or Non-programmable
  • Single or Multiple Outputs
  • High Precision
  • Affordable Price
  • Dual Range and Wide Combinations of Voltage and Current