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Digital multimeter

A universal multimeter measurement instrument which can measure electrical quantities such as voltage, current and resistance. An advanced multimeter is capable of measuring  capacity, inductance, frequency, temperature, the forward voltage of a diode and the current amplification.

In addition, often a connection tester (continuity) present. This generates a noice as a general indication when a (good) connection is detected, which is helpfull to speed up your proces, because you don’t have to check your display.

Nowadays most multimeter have a digital display read out (with LCD). This explains the name digital multimeter or in abrreviton DMM. The more expensive digital multimeters can automatically select the appropriate scale (range) or polarity. Because some measurements (changing values ​​of the measurand) require an analog meter which is better and faster to interpret, there are meters with an ‘analogue’ scale.

Digital multimeters have a built-in amplifier, and therefore have the advantage of a higher input impedance, so the circuit measuring is less influenced by that meter itself. Due to the amplifier, the meters can also frequently monitor lower voltages and currents.

There are multimeters for field use (handheld) but also for use in the laboratory (benchtop). The latter tend to have a higher accuracy and can for example be used for calibration applications.

Multimeters can be divided into several groups:

  • Analogue multimeters: multimeters with a needle
  • Automotive multimeters: multimeters for working on vehicles
  • Bench multimeters: multimeters designed as tabletop model, suitable for many applications at work in laboratories, education, etc.
  • Advanced multimeters: more features and greater range than standard multimeters
  • Graphic multimeter: waveform displays graphically
  • Pocket multimeters: compact multimeters
  • Specialized multimeters: multimeters with the highest safety category and / or by logging or developed for specific applications
  • Standard multimeters: multimeters equipped with the basic functions

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