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LCR Meters

Both in production and in the development of electronic components it is very important to be able to measure the parameters of those components with high precision. Through quality control shown via measurements , you can identify whether these components are good or bad.

For these specialized tests equipment you will need an LCR meter.

Air-Parts offers both complete test benches (VOLTECH), as well as individual LCR meters (Fluke, COAST and GW Instek).


VOLTECH from the UK is the market leader in test and measurement solutions.
For more than 20 years the developers at VOLTECH have created innovative products, which provide easy and reliable measurement solutions for their users.


  • Full range of testers for wound components, such as inductors and transformers
  • Both in production as well as R&D environment
  • Extremely fast and with high accuracy
  • Fully automated testing and database management
  • Modular, so each user can find his solution
  • Devices are expandable in case of future needs


Fluke is the reference in the field of measurement of electrical quantities. Also, for the measurement of components Fluke offers only solutions.


  • Can measure the impedanceand resistance values at different frequencies
  • Component values can be read directly, and the backlit LCD also indicates the equivalent circuit

GW Instek

Founded in 1975, Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd was the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan specializing in electrical test & measurement instruments. GW Instek began as a manufacturer of power supplies and quickly expanded into the development of high precision electronic test and measurement instruments. With a strong focus on high quality, economical measurement solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets, Good Will Instrument has developed a solid brand image and reputation for reliability, integrity and innovation.


  • Both Handheld as well as benchtop LCR meters
  • For use in production, quality control and R & D
  • User friendly controls and interface
  • Automatic test functionality


KUST GmbH offers almost 20 years outstanding support to the European magnetic industry.

LCR Meters, from low to high bandwidth, with component analysis function. Combination of world leading technology and decades of experience allowing KUST to offer very advanced products to suit any application and customer needs.

We have LCR meters to suit any need and application.


  • Low to high bandwidth
  • Component analysis functionality
  • Advanced Inductance and impedance measurement technology.
  • Entry-level models and high precision LCR meters
Kust LM1020 LCR-meter