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High voltage power supplies and capacitor chargers

High voltage power supplies are complex electrical systems that convert a low voltage (usually the mains voltage, one-phase or three-phase) to a higher voltage. The term “high voltage” is relative, but usually this is used for power supplies that have an output voltage of 1 kV to 100 kV and higher.

Capacitor chargers are basically high-voltage power supplies, but specifically designed to charge capacitors safely and quickly. This application makes a number of special demands on the high voltage power supply, which makes it possible to consider it as a separate group.

Air-Parts B.V. represents some top brands that, besides their standard high voltage power supplies and capacitor chargers, can also design and create systems according to the specific needs of the customer.

Applications and markets:

  • E-Beam lithography, sterilization and welding
  • Plasma research
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Accelerators and Cyclotrons
  • Filter systems
  • Medical applications
  • Electric car industry
  • Solar energy converters
  • Conditioning capacitors
  • Marx generators
  • Food industry
  • Burn-in processes


Since 2000, the French manufacturer Technix has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of high-voltage DC power supplies and capacitor loaders.

Technix generators are used all over the world, in many famous industrial groups, technical institutes and important research laboratories.

Based on the zero-current switching (ZCS) resonance technology, the modular design and the wide range of options, Technix offers flexible, cost-effective and customized solutions, while maintaining high reliability and fast delivery times.

Customized systems are also possible.


  • From 300V to 200kV
  • From 300W to 200kW
  • From 150J / s to 100kJ / s
  • Customer-determined Vmax and Imax at no extra cost
  • Voltage and current regulated (0 – 100%)
  • Fully protected against sparks, overload and short circuit
  • User-friendly operation for manual control
  • 0 – 10V remote control
  • Interlock and inhibit functions, floating outputs, interfaces and other options available

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Since 1978, F.u.G. Elektronik GmbH very precise low, medium and high voltage power supplies for science, development and industrial applications.

F.u.G. also has the knowledge and experience to design and make tailor-made solutions that meet the customer’s requirements.


  • Up to 200,000Volts
  • Up to 10,000 Amps
  • Up to 250,000 Watts
  • High efficiency
  • Parallel and series setup possible