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High voltage test and measurement equipment

During production and the commissioning of medium and high voltage jet transformers, cables and other components, measuring with appropriate equipment is essential. Not only to ensure the proper functioning and the proper specifications, but also to ensure the safety of both the user and the environment.

Air-Parts BV relies on the long experience of their suppliers to propose for each application the right meter. Both standard equipment for field use and custom test configurations for laboratory use are possible.


As market leader Haefely delivers test and measurement and diagnostic tools for a wide range of electrical applications. Their test systems are used in the development and production of for instance cables and transformers, but also in taking tests and analysis on-site.

Both the equipment and the associated software will be developed and produced at Haefely Hipotronics. Haefely Hipotronics includes the following brands: Haefely, Hipotronics and Tettex.


  • High voltage components
  • Impulse Voltage test systems
  • Impulse Power test systems
  • AC Resonant test systems
  • AC transformer test systems
  • Fully automated test systems
  • C and Tan Delta measuring equipment
  • Resistance meters
  • PD test and measurement equipment

Ross Engineering Corporation

Ross Engineering Corporation develops and manufactures high-voltage components and equipment for monitoring, measuring and safety for use in electronics, electrical networks, laboratories and military applications.


  • High voltage switches
  • Broadband dividers and probes
  • High voltage contactors
  • Voltmeters for high voltage
  • Digital multimeters for high voltage
  • Portable high voltage Hipot Megmeters

High Voltage Inc

High Voltage Inc. is a renowned American manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for performing various high voltage testing including cables, transformers and liquids. The testers made by High Voltage Inc. are characterized by their compact design and user-friendly operation, making them especially suitable for use on location.


  • Cable fauld detectors
  • Di-electric testers for oil and liquids
  • Very Low Frequency (VLF) testers
  • Tan Delta and PF diagnostic equipment
  • Portable AC Hipot testers
  • kVA AC test systems
  • HV deviders
  • Aerial Lift testers