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Calibration center

Air-Parts can calibrate handheld test and measurement equipment in her own brand independant test center. Air-Parts has his own technical workshop, where maintenance and repairare performed by highly trained and qualified staff.

ISO 9001, calibration and adjustment

Many companies have dealt with ISO 9001 certification of their organization. Customers trust that the used test and measurement equipment tools is serviced and calibrated. In this example, you can think of oscilloscopes, multimeters and calibrators used by your service department

Is your equipment maintained regularly? It is not unusual that your test and measurement equipment is not calibrated, never got preventive maintenance or even have been checked for proper operation. If this is the case the traceability will, almost always, be an issue. To maintain the quality of your test and measurement equipment, regular maintenance is necessary. Virtually every instrument should be checked periodically to his specifications.

We can offer you the following calibration services

  • Standard calibration “as found” (before the unit is adjusted and / or repaired)
  • Standard calibration “as left”(after the unit is adjusted and / or repaired) RVA, DakkS and UKAS calibrations are serviced by a trusted RVA laboratory.

If you want us to calibrate different instruments than our suppliers, please contact us. In this case it is of high importance that you provide us with the complete history of service.

What type of services can Air-Parts calibration center offer you?

We can calibrate test and measurement equipment delivered by Air-Parts as well as our sister company Havé-Digitap. Our calibration standards are traceable to (inter) national standards and are therefore mainly suited to the products we sell. Please contact us for calibration of your products. For instance oscilloscopes, multimeters, volt, ampere and resistance testers, security testers, clamp meters and power supplies. When we calibrate an instrument for you, it will be performed according to the manufacturer’s handbook.

The following brands handheld test and measurement equipment are represented by us: Fluke, Fluke Networks, Beha-Amprobe, Kyoritsu, Sonel, Uni-T and Gossen Metrawatt. After calibration, the instrument includes a calibration sticker and is optionally provided a calibration report.