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Andeen Hagerling

Andeen Hagerling produces the most accurate capacitor bridge and standards in the world. Since 1982, their measurement bridges are used in laboratories and on site for measuring pressure, cryogenic temperatures, liquid levels, material characteristics, displacement and power.

Hydraulics International, Inc

Hydraulics International is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) which provides international aviation, aerospace and military authorities. Hydraulics develops and manufactures a broad range of components and machines to meet the specific and unique needs of the customer.

Wenzel Associates, Inc

World-class performance and innovative design characterize Wenzel Associates, Inc. as the leader in low phase noise crystal oscillators, frequency synthesizers and related modules. Since 1978 Wenzel Associated supplying systems manufacturers cost-effective state-of-the-art ultra-low phase noise components and instruments with the highest quality.

Bandwidth and resolution have become extremely critical parameters in communications, military systems and test equipment, making the demand for Wenzel low noise oscillators always increases with high stability. Wenzel Associates has become the leading supplier with extensive research with special tailor-made crystals, vibration isolated systems and phase locking techniques so that a high integrity of the system may be under extreme conditions.

Wenzel also conducts testing phase noise under vibration for various military manufacturers.