The newest model of the 800 Series DC Hipot testers Haefely HIPOTRONICS is the digital 880PL DC hipot tester (hoogspaningstester) with a test range of up to 80kV, 10mA. The 880PL-DC comes up with the highest output-to-weight ratio of any DC hipot tester (suitcase version) on the market today.

The 880PL DC hipot tester has an intuitive, user-friendly operation, displayed on a large 7-inch color touch screen. The hipot test sequences can be programmed in automatic or manual mode by simply selecting the test voltage. The new tester is also provided with data acquisition software for the export of the test results via USB.

The 880PL-DC includes extensive safety features, including external interlocks, built-in security, visible and audible warning indicators, and an easily accessible emergency stop button to ensure safe operation under all circumstances.

The main features of the 880PL-DC hipot tester:

  • Programmable output voltage rise ratio, current limit and test duration timer
  • IP67 enclosure with wheels and adjustable rod
  • 7-inch color touch screen with intuitive operation
  • Digital measurement with analog or digital scale view
  • Auto-ranging flow