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HVI Knowledge Center Expanding

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HVI announced the launch of their website’s Knowledge Center earlier this year. It’s a one-stop-shop for informational resources for their ever-growing product line and customer base.

Since then, HVI has continued to grow the Knowledge Center.  You’ll find Product-specific guides that answer commonly asked questions, assist users in the setup/operation of HVI products and other helpful assistance documents. There are Application-specific guides and resources, as well. Whether you are testing aerial lifts, working in a substation, locating cable faults, you’ll find ample resources and documentation for your needs and questions.


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Because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, GWInstek has decided to prolong their promotion of 20% discount on a number of their instruments.

Here is a short description of the different devices:


The AFG-2000 series arbitrary function generator is a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesized) based signal generator which can generate both standard waveforms (sine, pulse, triangle) and arbitrary waveforms. The instrument comes in three bandwidths (5MHz, 12MHz and 25MHz). All units have a user friendly interface and 3,5” LCD display. Via USB you can remotely control the generator.


With the GPS and GPE series, GWInstek offers a wide choice in linear DC power supplies. They have 2 up to 4 independent isolated outputs and power ranges from 180W to 217W. Thanks to an excellent price/quality ratio, high reliability, good resolution and compact housing, these power supplies are the perfect tool on your workbench or in your test setup.


The MDO-2000E and MSO-2000E are both scopes with some extra functionalities.

The MDO-2000E series is a multi-functional mixed domain oscilloscope. There are two versions:

  • MDO-2000EG models with built-in spectrum analyzer and a two channel 25MHz arbitrary function generator
  • MDO-2000EX models with built in spectrum analyzer, arbitrary function generator, a 5000 count DMM and a 5V/1A power supply. These features make this model unique.

The MSO-2000E series is developed on the outstanding high performance software and hardware platform of the GDS-2000E series. The MSO series has some extra features like a built-in 16 channel logic analyzer (MSO-2000E) and a two channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator (MSO-2000EA).


The GDS-2000 scope series is available in different configurations. Bandwidth from 70MHz up to 300MHz and 2 up to 4 channels.

The GDS-2000A offers 2GSa/s sample rate and has a high resolution TFT LCD display which allows the operator to make perfect measurements on the most challenging signals.

The GDS-2000E is similar, but with a maximum sample rate of 1GSa/s.


If you would like to receive more information like datasheets, brochures, manuals or if you would like to get a quotation, please contact our specialist.

GW-Instek ASR-2000 Series Programmable AC/DC Power Source

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Air-Parts BV has the pleasure to introduce the newest AC/DC Power Source from GW-Instek: the ASR-2000 series.

This power source provides both rated power output for AC output and rated power output for DC output and can be used in applications such as electronic products / electronic component development test; automotive electrical device simulation test and household appliance application test.

There are nine different output modes and three different waveform output capabilities available to meet the test requirements.

When the ASR-2000 series power source outputs, it can also measure all relevant electrical parameters. In addition, the Remote sense function ensures accurate voltage output. The Customized Phase Angle for Output On/Off function can set the starting angle and ending angle of the voltage output according to the test requirements.

Programmable safety parameters and functions such as V-Limit, Ipeak-Limit, F-Limit, OVP, OCP, OPP can protect the DUT during the measurement process. In addition to OTP, OCP, and OPP protection, the ASR-2000 series also incorporates the Fan fail alarm function and AC fail alarm function.

The front panel of the ASR-2050/2100 provides a universal socket or a European socket, which allows users to plug and use so as to save wiring time.

The ASR-2050R/2100R is 3U height and 1/2 Rack width design, which is compatible with ATS assembly.

To use the ASR-2000 series remotely, it supports I/O interface and is equipped with USB, LAN, External I/O and optional RS-232C and GPIB.

The most important features are:

  • Output Rating: AC 0 – 350 Vrms, DC 0 – ± 500 V
  • Output Frequency up to 999.9 Hz
  • DC Output (100% of Rated Power)
  • Measurement Items: Vrms, Vavg, Vpeak, Irms, IpkH, Iavg, Ipeak, P, S, Q, PF, CF
  • Voltage and Current Harmonic Analysis(THDv, THDi)
  • Remote Sensing Capability
  • OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, AC Fail Detection and Fan Fail Alarm.
  • Support Arbitrary Waveform Function
  • Output Capacity: 500VA/ 1000VA
  • Customized Phase Angle for Output On/Off
  • Sequence and Simulation Function(up to 10 sets)
  • Interface: USB, LAN(std.); RS-232+GPIB(opt)
  • Built-in External Control I/O and External Signal Input
  • Built-in Output Relay Control
  • Memory Function (up to 10 sets)
  • Built-in Web Server

Kaman Measuring announces new Digital Differential Impedance Transducer

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The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc. has released the new eddy current measurement system, the KD-5600. This system is designed to provide a digital interface for high speed eddy current measurement systems, with resolution in the sub micrometer range, at bandwidths as high as 60 kilohertz (kHz). It is ideal for use in applications for fast steering mirrors, magnetic bearing active control, shaft vibration, image stabilization, and adaptive optics. Using a standard 9D connector for reading data, power, and control signals, the system operates from a single power supply with a voltage range of 8-28 volts.

The KD-5600 is available in three configurations:

  1. The Digital System is designed to interface directly to an embedded controller with a master serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus.
  2. The ANA (analog) System provides linear analog voltage, with a full range output signal of 0-5 VDC with a null position of 2.5 VDC.
  3. The FE System is designed for field-programmable gate array (FPGA) interface for high speed operation, with data rates as high as 128 kHz, 48 bits of data, 60 kHz bandwidth, and no internal firmware.

Kaman sensors are designed and tuned for specific applications. The KD-5600 system utilizes two matched sensor pairs for optimum operation for each channel. The input signals are filtered and scaled to provide optimum operation, remove common mode noise, and provide a drive signal. The signal processing also provides digital filtering as part of the signal conditioning to reduce signal noise.

Kaman’s Digital DIT system samples data at 8 times the data rate. The oversampling provides higher resolution at the defined data rate. This results in signal resolution that is eight times better than a system sampling at the Nyquist rate.

For more information about Kaman’s family of Digital Differential Impedance Transducers, contact our engineer to discuss your application.


Air-Parts introduces FLIR

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The thermal imaging camera for testing electronics. With its 45° field of view, 320 × 240 infrared resolution and FLIR Tools+ software, this practical camera is suitable for direct analysis.

The temperature range of -20°C to 250°C with a measurement accuracy of ±3°C improves the quality control and factory acceptance of PCBs.

FLIR ETS320 product movie

FLIR ETS320 product sheet

FLIR cameras from the Ex & Ex-XT series

The FLIR E4, E5-XT, E6-XT, and E8-XT are powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use troubleshooting tools for building, electrical, and mechanical applications. With four different IR resolution options up to 320 × 240 infrared pixels (E8-XT) and the ability to accurately measure temperatures from -20°C to 550°C (E6-XT and E8-XT).  The Ex-Series has models to fit your target size, working distance, visual detail needs, and budget.

All models include MSX® technology for extraordinary thermal imaging detail.

Wi-Fi connectivity to smartphones and tablets via the FLIR Tools® Mobile app makes sharing images and sending reports from any location easier, enabling you to make critical decisions faster. With Ex-Series cameras, you can gain the competitive advantage by providing clients with thermal images that clearly reveal the source of electrical, mechanical, and building-related problems.

FLIR @ Formula 1 movie

FLIR cameras from the Exx series

The FLIR E75, E85 and E95 with Wi-Fi connectivity now offer the best performance, IR resolution up to 464 x 348 pixels (UltraMax® processing for 4x-pixel resolution), sensitivity of all handheld thermal imaging cameras with pistol grip and is displayed on a larger and 33% brighter 4″ screen. They feature Laser autofocus for greater accuracy and precise temperature readings.

These Exx series cameras have a higher temperature range of up to 1500°C (E95), which also allows you to detect the first signs of water leakage, air leakage and other defects in buildings, even before serious damage can occur. The E85 and E95 measure the area (m2 or ft2) of moisture intrusion or air leakage on the screen.

Image files of the Exx series cameras are supported by the software development kit of FLIR (ATLAS SDK). Therefore, companies can use their own software and still read important parameters from the images, such as thermal measurements and METERLiNK®-data. You can also access current and voltage readings that are embedded in the image files.

FLIR E75, E85 & E95 product movie

FLIR cameras from the Txxx series

The FLIR T530, T540, T620, T640, T660 thermal imaging cameras combine excellent range, resolution and image clarity values with ergonomics that professional thermal researchers need when out and about all day long. These professional cameras include features such as crystal-clear thermal images of 640 × 480 (T640/ T660/T860) or a 180° rotating optical block (T530/ T540/840/T860).

All models are incredibly sensitive and feature state-of-the-art connectivity.

This allows you to quickly detect and report hot spots or possible defects, so that they can be repaired immediately.

Flir T530 & T540 product movie

FLIR T840 & T860 product movie

FLIR T640 & T660 product movie


FLIR T1K HD series

The FLIR T1020 is specifically designed for thermal imaging experts who need the highest quality in all conditions.

With Full HD resolution, excellent heat sensitivity and exclusive FLIR lenses designed specifically for HDIR detectors.

The T1020 camera raises the bar for high performance.

FLIR T1K product video

FLIR T-Series product video


More information about the FLIR range can be found in the catalogue below and you can of course call our product specialist for more advice on thermography in practice.

FLIR product catalog 2019