The reason for launching the PSU-HV series is to complete the existing PSU series and to satisfy high voltage application demands, allowing the augmented PSU series to cover a voltage range from 6V to 600V. PSU-HV series has a functional design high power density characteristics, 1U height appearance and a maximum power ranging from 1500 to 1560 watts.

The new PSU-HV series is ideal for the primary input of DC/DC converter and servomotor production application. PSU is often integrated into component test systems such as aging test equipment for capacitors; 600V DC bias applications; aging test equipment for diode; semiconductor production equipment; automotive electronics; and ECU for V8 engine or V12 engine.

These 1U power supplies support a complete array of interfaces, including USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, analog control interface, GPIB (option), isolated analog interface (voltage control), and isolated analog interface (current control).

• PSU 100-15 0~100V / 0~15A / 1500W
• PSU 150-10 0~150V / 0~10A / 1500W
• PSU 300-5 0~300V / 0~5A / 1500W
• PSU 400-3.8 0~400V / 0~3.8A / 1520W
• PSU 600-2.6 0~600V / 0~2.8A / 1560W