Air-Parts BV is proud to present the first model from the latest series of programmable DC power supplies with high power density: the 5 kW, 1U model of the TDK Lambda Genesys + ™ series.

By using DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology it was possible to achieve double the power density compared to the existing Genesys ™ 5 kW 2U. With weight less than 7 kg and 1U high, 19 ” (483 mm) wide rack housing makes this unit the most compact 5 kW power supply currently available.

In addition to the compact housing, this new series offers new benefits for the users:

  • The high contrast LCD display has an improved reading and longer life thanks to user adjustable brightness and dimming functions.
  • By adjusting voltage and slew rate, the response times for up / down programming can be shortened which increases the reaction speed.
  • Profiles of arbitrary waveforms up to 100 steps, such as the simulation of a battery when starting a car, can be generated.
  • Two output pins (“open drain”) to be programmed by the user are available to control external devices or modules, such as relays to disconnect the load.
  • New, unique and advanced system to connect up to 4 Genesys + ™ units very easily in parallel. The dynamic response and performance in terms of ripple and noise of this combination are comparable to those of a single unit.
  • Anybus CompactCom interface platform to enable different interface options if needed, for example Devicenet, Ethercat, Modbus and Profibus. A complete package of software drivers, waveform creator and a virtual front panel GUI is available.
  • When only remote control is required, the version of the Genesys +™ can be supplied with a blank front panel.

The 5 kW, 1U Genesys +™ is initially available with 5 different voltages and has a three-phase input power.

In order to use the new Genesys +™ models in addition to the existing GENESY™ and Z + models; they use the same communication protocols and signals, which means that they remain perfectly compatible.

Of course the power supplies comply with current standards and guidelines.

The Genesys +™ series is aimed at a very wide market area, from component testing, aviation and automotive, to semiconductor industry, water treatment, electroplating and solar panel simulation.

If you would like more information about this new unit, do not hesitate to contact us.